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August 15, 2021

6 Insta bosses spreading the self-love gospel

There are so many self-love posts on Instagram these days, but it can be hard to find the ones that speak to you. That’s exactly why we created this list: 6 truly inspirational Instagrammers, spreading the self-love gospel through their personal pages.

From exploring in confidence and sharing your vulnerabilities with others, to reminding yourself that you deserve all that life has to offer—these ladies will help you find peace and pleasure one post at a time. Check out my top six Insta women for a little extra love today :)

#1: @Weareungirls

In a society where we are often told that our bodies and sexuality are shameful, it's so refreshing to find influential people who are unapologetically sharing educational information, tips, and advice about healthy sex, pleasure, and self-love. This is what the Weareungirls community is all about! In her work on Instagram, her blog, and many other locations online, Cat creates and shares truly valuable content that's sure to open your mind - and your life - to new experiences.

"I want to empower women to explore their sexuality freely and with confidence," she says. "I believe that everyone deserves pleasure and without the added baggage of shame! I’m super passionate about self pleasure and I’m planning on writing a book about masturbation in the future!"

#2: @vavawomb_

Vava Womb is created and written by infertility advocate, lover of creativity, anti-shaming enthusiast and promoter of body & sex positivity, Ellamae Fullalove. The content on her page is creative and thought-provoking, shaking things up to encourage body, mind, and pleasure honesty. The goal is to create a platform for everyone to make their voice heard, share their stories, and talk freely about stigmatized and tabooed topics.

#3: @ellebossier

Marleen at @ellebossier is a German illustrator creating contemporary, digital pieces focused on self-love. In a calming palette of taupe and teal, she spreads important and empowering messages that are both positive and motivating. Her messages range from self-love, to confidence, and encouraging fans to get out there and do the things that they truly love.

#4: @cliterallythebest

Created by Evie Plumb, Cliterallythebest is a hub of all things sex-positive. The unique content is accompanied by eye-catching illustrations that make it even more accessible. Evie posts about sexual health, positivity, femininity, LGBT+, endo, sex education, and more. She takes pride in creating posts and products that help people 'unlearn harmful sex ed'.  

#5: cassandras.art

Cassandra Söderström creates gorgeous vulva jewelry, celebrating female beauty in all its glory. On her shop, CassandraSoderstrom, she invites customers to break the norm with her, one vulva at the time. It's filled with high-quality pieces created from metals, pearls, and polymer clay and every vulva in the collection is completely unique. We're absolutely obsessed with the versatility and creativity.

#6: @sexwithalexa

@sexwithalexa ‘s mission is to improve your sex life through education and knowledge. According to her, there are 4 main steps to take in order to have a fulfilling sex life:

  • Explore: this is where you get to know yourself, what you like, what you hate and what you’d be willing to try.
  • Accept: whatever it is you found out about yourself, it’s time to accept it and love it. It’s a part of you and between hating it and loving, the latter is the winner.
  • Express and communicate: find the best ways to express those aspects in your life in a way that makes you feel good. also find the necessary tools to communicate all of this to your partners.
  • Repeat! This is an ongoing process that will never stop. Our sexuality keeps evolving and we keep growing :)

As a sexologist and sex-positive expert, Alexa answers questions from people all around the world, ranging from contraception to sex toys to masturbation and anything in between. When she's not answering Qs, she uploads fantastic empowering reminders and quotes you definitely need on your feed.

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