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July 9, 2021

How to get your sex drive back post-pandemic

On the 19th of July, UK Covid rules will soften. And the sweet end of over 12 months of social restrictions will also mark the 1 year anniversary of your favourite pleasure provider 🎉.

OhVenus was born in mid 2020. We were all facing a new reality - more time at home, locked down with ourselves. Talk about a full-scale global existential crisis! How do we keep our sanity? Or, more importantly, our sex drive?

This issue was much more pressing for women, who stayed home to keep the household afloat. That's why we decided to make something entirely focused on making women happy - a way to easily get the most pampering, fun, exciting toys and accessories sent straight to your door.

It's been an incredible journey. And after such a rough year, we all need to regain our balance. Whether you've had a major a-ha moment driving you to spend more time on yourself, or you're feeling a general burn-out and forgot what your sex drive even feels like, these are our top tips to get back in touch with that orgasmic being inside, you sexy goddess! And as life-goes-back-to-somewhat-new-normal, here's a friendly reminder to embrace a regular pleasure routine.

1. Get to know your body. This is something you hear a lot, but we find it's a bit cryptic - how exactly can you 'learn'? Well, you start by reintroducing yourself. When was the last time you looked at yourself, down-there, and said 'hey, girl'? Or stroked yourself on your bare skin? It can be anywhere. Touch yourself with your right hand, then your left, and explore what makes you feel good. It can be a more gentle touch, a rough one, or a pinch. Whatever gets you going.

2. Create a safe environment to experiment. Whether it's through making your space and home right for you, having a like-minded partner, or finding a quiet zone all by yourself, make sure you're 100% comfortable. It can be in the shower, the bedroom, or even when you're out and about doing your shopping. It's all about finding that place where you feel your absolute best. That's always been the point behind the empowering and sensual products we provide - giving women like you a way to create the right mood.

3. Try many toys and experiment with what works FOR YOU. We know that not every toy will be right every time, or for everyone. But it's really about trying new things and finding your own style. When you try all kinds of toys and accessories (through a subscription or on your own), you get an opportunity to explore different sensations - whether it's suction, penetration, or external pressure.

4. Take time to be with yourself. If you're busy at work, full-time parenting, or just on a full schedule like us, block some 'me time' in your calendar. If you're in a relationship, ask your partner to help you prioritize your alone-time or join you in your exploration. You'd be surprised how your other-half might respond - we found this to be an added turn-on! If you commit to yourself first, the people around you will do the same and learn to appreciate your special ohhh-time - just as you should be appreciated!

5. Clean your toys. Respecting yourself should really be a no-brainer. But sometimes, we forget. Relaxed social-distancing rules does not mean relaxing our personal boundaries. Try new positions, sensations, and locations. Share toys and experiences. Then use soap, water or a dedicated toy cleaner to keep your fun items ready for the next session.

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