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December 2, 2020

5 types of must-have toys for vibe virgins

There's massive selection, but keep calm: every great collection starts with five essentials to make any toy drawer happy.

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Buying your first sex toy is terrifying. Stores often carry a massive selection of pleasurers in any shape and color possible, from finger vibes to butt plugs. As a toy virgin, you often have no idea where to even start. What do these pieces do? Which'll make you feel great? Don't panic, as one clever author once wrote. The following post will review five essential toy types you can get as a first toy. This is the first part of our Toy Basics series, aimed at giving you all the info you need to take pleasure into your own hands - quite literally.

1. The wand

Wand vibes are the ideal toy for anyone looking to experiment! These gorgeous handheld pleasurers are external vibrators meant to sit against your clit. Check our magical wand vibe, Mystique for a great award-winning vibe that brings pleasure to a whole new level. Wand vibes are great if you like rumbling vibrations. Since they're external, they promise comfortable play even for those with vaginismus, and can even be used when you're menstruating. They can also easily be cleaned for shared play, and even be used on other parts of the body for additional stimulation. Bonus: Wand vibrators are also considered ideal for pelvic floor health, and can be used to release tension in all parts of your body. Mystique is now at a significant discount, so make sure you check it out!

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2. The bullet

They're small, sleek and discreet - the ultimate toy if you're not a vibe-on-the-nightstand kind of girl. Bullets are also quite affordable, which is awesome for first-timers discovering what they like. Contrary to what their name might convey, bullets aren't always shaped like a bullet. They're main draw is their compact size, making them a great option for precise, focused stimulation. Depending on your anatomy and preference, you may want to try placing your bullet vibe on your clitoris or clitoral hood, or experiment with other locations to see what feels right. Sensitive zones like your nipples could benefit from it, too.

Credit: Anna Shvets for Pexels

3. The rabbit

Cute as they sound, rabbit vibes are actually the most similar to the 'classic' vibes you see in films and TV. They got their name from the classic Rabbit Pearl, designed with soft bunny-ear-shaped nubs. Rabbit vibes of today are built with a larger shaft for vaginal penetration and a smaller stimulator meant to sit against your outer clit. While they're larger and more conspicuous, their double-duty design means they can massage your clitoris from inside and outside at the same time, stimulate your g-spot and bring through-the-roof bouts of pleasure.

Credit: Anna Shvets for Pexels

4. The suction toy

There's been lots of buzz around suction toys recently - and for a good reason. These babies use different technologies - from air sucking to sound waves - to generate an oral-like experience whenever you want. This increases blood flow to your vulva and clitoris, creating powerful sensations that are truly unique to this type of toys. Some women swear by suction toys, claiming they've had their best orgasms with them - while others claim the suction sensations where uncomfortable, or even painful. If you're particularly sensitive, perhaps this isn't a good fit. However, if you'd like to try something a bit different - give this a try. You may find your fav.

Credit: Malvestida Magazine for Unsplash

5. The hands-free toy

Not really a category on its own, but hands-free toys deserve a place in this list as they are super-versatile and give you plenty of freedom to use your hands for other, better things. Some hands-free toys, like butterfly vibes, are tiny and sit cleanly against your vulva. Others, like the fox heads-and-tails toy from our August box, have a soft, flexible end that goes into your vagina, and a vibrating head to be placed on your clit. Many come with a remote control for exhilarating couple play. Like bullets, they are small and compact - perfect for on-the-go play - but they're often beautifully designed, so you can proudly place them on your nightstand, too.

We hope these helped you make some sense of the many, many options you've had. We encourage you to shop around and ask for recommendations to find a great, high-quality option for you. You can also sign up for a friendly sex-positive subscription box like OhVenus (yes, that's a shameless plug) - to try out beautiful, unique toys chosen especially for women taking their first steps.

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