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December 21, 2020

A visit to the steamy world of Chiara Liki

Meet the wonderful artist filling our feeds with sex-positive illustrations

In this media-filled world we live in, the things we see around us often make up our reality. It works in a sub-conscious way - so, for example, filling our peripheral vision with images of diverse bodies will help us accept and understand that all bodies are unique. Consciously consuming more positive representations of POC or LGBTQs will have a similar, positive affect - and the same goes for sexuality.

For this reason, we were so happy to hit 'follow' on's Instagram page. In unique shades of pink and imaginative perspectives, Chiara Liki creates steamy, erotic illustrations we can't get enough of.

All beautiful illustrations in this piece are by Chiara.

lucky you artwork by chiara liki

"It all started by chance. A moped accident forced me to rest for a while, and I found myself illustrating to pass the time. We've always had a very open view of sex in my family, which I think is very healthy. I wanted to give others a chance to look at sex and sexuality in the same way - as a healthy, enjoyable part of life. Something to celebrate, not be shy of. This is also what drives me to keep creating these today," says Chiara. 

They're delightfully simple yet extremely expressive - each one an empowering gift as you scroll through your feed. The explicit snaps coax a wide range of sensations. "I'm inspired by the women I see every day, by their stories," adds Chiara. "We all have something wonderful to tell - we just need the right person to listen. My illustrations are based on my own experiences but also my desires and fantasies. It's all part of the creative process. I start by organizing my thoughts to understand how to translate them into an image. I use photographs to capture the details, then move on to the illustration itself. I often collaborate with photographers or other figures, in which case I just rearrange their work in my own way."

all clitoris are beautiful artwork by chiara liki

Such powerful imagery often provokes strong emotions from people. "I've been doing this for a year and a half. Over that time, I've received more praise and words of encouragement than criticism. But criticism is also part of the game, and it's welcome as long as it's constructive. I appreciate those who share their criticism openly - but the ones who report my posts are only cowards, and I don't give them much thought.

I also get many messages from people asking me about my experiences or the sexual practices from my illustrations. I think that's beautiful. We exchange opinions and experiences, and it's a source of inspiration for me."

The negative, judgmental reactions are hard to face, Chiara says, but she feels fighting for her truth is worth it. "The bigotry of the society we live in is challenging. As long as people act on fear and distrust, we'll never be free to experience art. I may not change everyone, but it's one of my battles, something I'm willing to fight for. And I do see a small light at the end of the tunnel. People are slowly changing the way they look at art, slowly opening up to the world."

horny artwork by chiara liki

We love Chiara's art and the changes she's encouraging are groundbreaking. We're happy to hear she's not planning on stopping anytime soon. "I've learned to live life on a day-to-day basis, without making many long-term plans. I prefer to be amazed by the small daily adventures. Of course, I have many dreams in the drawer - and every other wardrobe in my house. I want my art to be experienced and appreciated by as many people as possible. I dream of being a source of inspiration and a life guide for all those who feel lost or cannot find answers."

And what would she recommend aspiring artists wishing to change the world? "Be yourself - in life as well as in artistic expression. Tell your own story - people will feel it and connect to it. Do what makes you feel good, what satisfies you and brings you pleasure. And always, always make your passion your greatest reason for living."

Follow on Instagram or on her blog for sex-positive, beautiful inspiration.

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